Can a skin care product be a great make up cosmetic?

Aube Cosmetics  are not only skin care products. They are also a perfect day starter for the skin and they prepare your face for applyin...

Aube Cosmetics are not only skin care products. They are also a perfect day starter for the skin and they prepare your face for applying your make up. Let's talk about Aube Cosmetics make up primer!

Few morning tips

It's highly important to nourish your skin in the morning. Dehydrated face skin can damage even the best look. What's more, your skin needs protection from UV filters and air pollution. Moisture the skin after washing your face with day cream. You may also use an eye serum to soothe your eyes, especially if you have dark shadows or puffing problem. Tips? Take an icecube and massage your puffed skin delicately before applying cream. It's super refreshing! Also, if you have problems with skin pores - gentle icecube massage will close them.

Take your time!

Let your skin absorb the creams you've applied - leave it for around 5 minutes, take a few sips of coffee (or green tea, if you like) and start applying Aube Make Up Primer (which I highly recommend). Why wait if mornings are always in hurry? Firstly- trust me, it makes a difference, if the skin care product is well absorbed or not. After whole day your skin still will be glowing and nourished (Got no time for that? Try patting your cream gently). Secondly, if you start applying your make up right after using a cream, your foundation will become cakey in a few hours and eventually will start to go off...

My impression

Now let me explain why I've recommened Aube product above. Aube Cosmetics Make-up Primer has surprised me. I wasn't expecting that a skin care product can also be a professional make up cosmetic. Let's be honest - I've spent a lot of time searching for a perfect primer on the Sephora shelves with no success. I would have never thought that my perfect make-up base product was lying in the skin care section. It's not only smoothing (it really is), but also contains EGF just like all the products in Epidermal Growth Factor Renaissance line. It leaves your skin ready for make up and smoothes the surface, so that wrinkles and imperfections are way less visible! I've been testing it for 3 days so far and I can clearly tell the difference - my foundation lasts more hours than usual (which is a success as I have oily skin) and it doesn't become cakey. My skin also seems to be nourished and has a healthy glow. Plus, Aube primer makes it way more easier to apply your make up. Additionally, it combines perfectly with products like day cream and day serum and let me tell you - I was hesitating when I learned about a make up product launched by a skin care brand, but I'm not skeptical anymore.

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